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Precision Swing Trading Tactics

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Whether you are trying to catch a bottom, participate in an ongoing trend or trade a breakout, timing is everything. It’s very simple how swing trading works. Traders take advantage of pullbacks that occur within the longer-term trend. Jumping in and out of the main trend allows traders to achieve gains quickly, while also reducing drawdown. To be successful you need to know what stock to buy, precisely when to buy and most importantly, when to sell. VectorVest has created two courses designed to give you the skill set you need to become a successful swing trader. For the first time you can purchase them as a package or individually.

Registration will close Monday, November 26, at 10 AM ET. 

Combo Package (Best Value) $895 US

  • Swing Trading Success
  • Master the Art of Candlestick Analysis

Leave the course with a renewed sense of confidence and a clear grasp of the best practices for swing trading success. Learn the best combinations of candlestick patterns and technical studies for each type of trade.

Master the Art of Candlestick Analysis $795 US

  • Identify the best patterns that combine probability of success and profits
  • Lower your risk and raise the probability of success


Swing Trading Success $395 US

  • Apply Precision Timing to maximize returns while minimizing risk
  • Put together a plan that meets your personal goals and financial objectives